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What Is Cat Spraying

Spraying, unlike peeing, is usually done standing with the tail lifted straight up, shaking a little, so that a small amount of urine can be sprayed high enough on the area they are aiming at. Peeing he is squatting, tail out and fully releasing himself.

This spraying is done so the scent will be sniffing level to other cats. So when they come by they can pick up the news or message left by the previous feline.

In female and male cats that have not been neutered or sterilized, it is one way to tell other cats they are ready to mate.

Other reasons for spraying by all types of cats whether neutered or not are worry and marking. If she is feeling distressed over something, maybe there has been alot of changes or a new cat has been introduced into the house, she may spray.

If there are other cats in the area, he may spray to claim the area and let them know it belongs to him.

Yelling at, or disciplining the cat with screaming after spraying is not an option. This will frighten and distress her even more which is one of the reasons why the spraying is going on in the first place.

Reassuring may help and if it appears more serious or painful to him, then a trip to the family's animal care provider might be in order.

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